Clean air is critical to the performance and life of your engine. For efficient combustion, a modern diesel engine requires several thousand times as much air as it does fuel. Under normal operating conditions, to burn one gallon of fuel you have to clean 15,000 gallons (57,000 liters) of air. Add a turbocharger to that engine, and air consumption requirements increase by 20% or more. Proper air filtration is important because a small amount of dirt can cause a tremendous amount of engine damage. The purpose of the air filter is to promote long system life by keeping damaging contaminants away from sensitive engine components.

Different working environments require different Air Filtration solutions. Marine applications are not normally subject to high dust concentrations, but will experience salt-laden moist air. At the other extreme construction, agriculture and mining equipment are exposed to very high levels of dirt.


The life of an engine is determined by the rate at which it ingests abrasive contaminants. Unlike the human body, which has different filtration systems and sensors to warn of bad air, the Air Filter is the only protection on an engine against potential damage. It has one chance, and one chance only, to remove the dust. As the filter progressively removes contaminants, the level of restriction increases. Like a congested nose, it takes an engine more effort to draw in air when the Air Filter is blocked. The engine will find it difficult to breathe due to high restriction, reducing power output and increasing fuel consumption. Many systems are now fitted with restriction indicators in order to give a visual indication of when the filters need to be replaced. This will be strongly influenced by the operating environment.

Bransby Components Ltd can offer solutions to your air filter requirements ranging from a simple foam pad for a small generator through to the high capacity, high flow rate filters on the latest engines operating in the most demanding environments.